Jen is a licensed veterinary technician who has been practicing for over 20 years. Her professional interests include chemotherapy, hospice care and cooperative veterinary care. She is passionate about helping fearful and/or anxious dogs - this includes helping pet owners recognize signs of stress & teaching them how to help their dogs cope with what they perceive as stressful events. Her goal is to use positive reinforcement training to make things like veterinary visits, grooming & nail trims less stressful for the dog - ultimately helping to strengthen the bond between a human and their dog making for a long, happy life together.


  •  Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Technology (LVT)

  •  KPA Certified Training Partner

  •  Elite Fear Free Certified

  •  Graduate of Karen Pryor Better Veterinary Visits Course

  • Approved SA Pro Trainer


Jen has a bachelor of science in veterinary technology, is Elite Fear Free certified and is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Professional Dog Training Program. Continuing to learn and expand her skills is very important to Jen - she does this by attending workshops and webinars that focus on science based, force free training techniques. She has a special interest in helping dogs who suffer from separation anxiety and recently completed an online CE course on this topic.

Jen also loves introducing people to the world of dog sports. Dog sports can be a great way to have fun with your dog and it helps people and their dogs form an amazing bond. She is a Canine Good Citizen evaluator and a Tricks Title evaluator. She also trains and competes with her own dog Syrie in AKC and WCRL Rally Obedience, agility, tricks and more! Together they have received their CGC, Rally Master title, an Advanced tricks title and a Master Jumpers title in agility.