Team Down Dog: Our Fantastic Coaches & Assistants


Amber and her Dog Myah. Amber is a valued assistant in our classes and also fills in and teaches some of the classes at Down  Dog. 

Myah and I started in 2020 with an online version of puppy class at Down Dog Studio. We have since been through many in person classes and are now in the “advanced” category of dog teams. We get to enjoy the many out and about classes, tricks, rally and CGC classes. I really enjoy being able to take Myah to public places with confidence and skills to make it a fun experience for everyone.

I use positive reinforcement training to engage Myah’s brain so that she learns how to make good choices. You can clearly see her enjoying it as she works to figure out what I am asking her to do. We are not perfect by any means. I do get a lot of laughs in with her huskytude. The biggest thing is we have fun during our training sessions and I do think it shows in her personality too.

One of my favorite things about training is being able to guide dogs and their owners on how to work as a team with better communication along with confidence building techniques.

Training Tip: Have a positive attitude and don’t overthink it. Break down the training into small steps and build on those steps.

Zoie and her dogs Morte (pom) and Delta (golden). Zoie is a valued assistant in our classes and also fills in and teaches some of the classes at Down  Dog. 

Hello! I’m Zoie, I  pride myself in being a positive reinforcement and force free based trainer. This type of training focuses on building your relationship and helps both you and your dog to feel confident and comfortable in a way that’s fun for both involved! I love assisting with classes and seeing the progress everyone makes and the challenges they overcome. I am originally from Las Vegas but I am loving all that Fargo has to offer and the wonderful community I’ve found here, if it’s a dog friendly event I’m there!