Hi Kish,
Just wanted to thank you for your visit last night and all the suggestions and help you have  given us for Chip. We are so hopeful that with continued practices he will keep improving, and we can’t even tell you how much that means to us...well, you do know, cuz you love dogs too!!  Hoping you have a great day~
Steph (Oct 2019)
Needed to give you a little update on Moe. He has been doing 
GREAT with training. The biggest change we’ve seen is how he is when my parents come over - he doesn’t jump on them anymore. He knows if he sits he’s going to get smothered in love and kisses so he just automatically sits when they come over. We are so happy with how things went and how they are continuing to go. 
Thanks again for all your help!  
Moe, Chelsey, and Matt  

As a licensed veterinary technician Kish understands the science behind dog training. In the clinical setting she demonstrated her passion for behavior medicine and dog training on a daily basis. Her positive training methods are why I recommend Down Dog Studio to my clients, whether they have a new puppy or a dog with behavior issues.

Kristen Anderson, DVM,

It's been fun! We are very thankful for your classes!  They have been so helpful and great for all of us!

Jaime Wenner, Julie Windahl & Gus,