Our location is : 1274 46th St North, Fargo, 58102 Directions

What to expect/how to prepare for a Down Dog Class: Class Foundation/Step Up Class overview

Common ways we train: Dog Training Techniques

How to decide what class is best for your pup:

Age: If your dog's first day of class will be when they are between 8 weeks - 12 weeks of age your choosing Puppy Start Right. If your dog's first class will be when they are 4 - 9 months old choose Step up Pup. If your dog's first class will be when they are 9 months or older then look into Foundation Basic Manners/Just the Basics. Some dogs who are 6 months or older can go directly into Foundation Basic manners and don't necessarily need to attend a Step Up Pup Class first.

Behavior: If your dog gets extremely anxious/over aroused/aggressive when they see other dogs and people then you may need to consider Private Sessions or Over Reactive Rover.

Private lesson Package Over View:

Packages: You have 1 yr to use your package session.

We have a series of sessions in your home or at Down Dog. We can also work on the community/public spaces

Link to cost: Click for Private session costs

The first session is a little longer than the follow up session. First session is 1 hr and 15 mins. Follow ups are 1 hour.

We schedule sessions that meet your schedule and the schedule of your trainer. 

We work on the areas of training and behavior you want to work on. 

Your trainer checks in with you a few days after each session to see how you are doing and to offer additional video/digital resources. 

We can schedule a session where just the trainer works with your dog or you are present and we all work together.

Geographical service areas: Consultation/private sessions are offered in your home (within a 15 mins drive of FM area) or at Down Dog Studio. 

We work on behaviors ranging from basic manners to more severe issues like anxiety and aggression.

We offer sessions Monday-Saturdays. The evening and Saturday sessions book up quickly. 

Email is our best form of communication due to the nature of working with dogs and driving to appointments. 

If you would like to set up a time for a 5 mins phone call please let us know. 

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