Our location is : 3317 Fiechtner Dr, Fargo, ND 58103 , a few blocks east of Sickies Garage. Click here for map - Directions

What to expect/how to prepare for a Down Dog Class: Class Foundation/Step Up Class overview

Common ways we train: Dog Training Techniques

How to decide what class is best for your pup:

Age: If your dog's first day of class will be when they are between 8 weeks - 12 weeks of age your choosing Puppy Start Right. If your dog's first class will be when they are 4 - 9 months old choose Step up Pup. If your dog's first class will be when they are 9 months or older then look into Foundation Basic Manners/Just the Basics. Some dogs who are 6 months or older can go directly into Foundation Basic manners and don't necessarily need to attend a Step Up Pup Class first.

Behavior: If your dog gets extremely anxious/over aroused/aggressive when they see other dogs and people then you may need to consider Private Sessions or Over Reactive Rover.

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