Potty Training

How long can my puppy hold their bladder?
A good rule to remember is that a puppy can hold their bladder 1 hour plus his age in months. So a 2 month old puppy will need to be taken out to potty every 2-3 hours. Puppies can hold their bladder longer overnight because typically they are in a state of rest.

5 Steps to Successful Potty Training

  1. Prevent accidents by taking your puppy out routinely every few hours. Supervision at all times is needed. If you can’t see your pup then you could be missing signals that they need to go potty. Either tether them to you by their leash or use baby gates to keep them in the room with you. If you can not be with them then confine them to a small area or use their crate.
  2. Reward your puppy when they potty in the appropriate area. Use a cue word like “Outside” every time you take them out to potty. Wait until after they relieve themselves and then praise them with affection or a treat. If you praise them in the middle of peeing/pooping they may get distracted and not fully finish.
  3. Anticipate when your puppy will need to go potty and stick to a strict schedule. Take your puppy out after they wake up (even from a short nap), after they having been playing, after they eat or drink and before bedtime.
  4. Don’t punish your puppy when an accident happens. This will only teach them not to eliminate in front of you. Instead interrupt them by saying “Outside” and take them outside and praise them for eliminating in the appropriate area.
  5. Clean up the soiled areas. Puppies will be drawn to areas that smell like urine or stool. So thoroughly clean soiled areas to prevent further accidents.

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