Confidence Building

Age Range 8 months- seniors, Cost for the 5 session class $115, Size : limited to 4 dogs

Our Confidence Building Class is focused on increasing the confidence of timid and/or easily scared dogs. Throughout the 5 week course each dog-person team will learn the skills needed for your dog to progress to a confident, happy life. Each team will have their own space in the studio so they can feel comfortable and safe. 

Class size is small so each dog-person team doesn’t get overwhelmed and each team can receive personal attention throughout the class. 

Some of the skills introduced throughout the class include: exploring new things, how to identify when your dog is getting scared/overwhelmed, how to introduce new things and how to help your dog feel better about things they don’t like, and fun games to increase your dog’s confidence. 

Enroll here : Saturday March 18th 2023, 12 pm/noon