Dog and Baby- Family Preparation class

Dogs & Storks® Preparing FAMILIES WITH dogs for life with baby.   This is up to the adults not the dog.  

This is interactive on-line class for Families who are expecting babies, have recently welcomed babies into their home or have toddlers that are caring for.

Next session Saturday at 11:15 December 23rd 2023. Class is 2 sessions total. Cost is $50. This is interactive so students will get pre class handouts to work on, training tasks to do and the opportunity to ask questions that will help them prepare for life with dog and baby!

Enroll here: Dogs & Storks

Down Dog Trainer Kish is a licensed educator with Family Paws. The class and follow up classes will cover:

Does my dog know I am pregnant?
Dog body language
Dog senses
Manners that matter
Preparation with our dog
Homecoming and MORE!  
Perfect for pregnancy or adoption or anyone with a baby in your family's future!

Dogs & Storks® provides expecting families with the practical education and support they need during pregnancy in order to increase dog and baby safety and allay concerns many new parents have about the family dog.

Email if you want to get a heads up on classes like this and classes for families with dogs and toddlers.