Dog Walking Sessions

This service is available to current or past clients. We must be familiar with your dog before you can schedule a walking session.

These walks are for exercise, mental stimulation and to continue to strengthen leash walking skills and in some cases to practice control/calm skills for low/moderate level of over reactivity .

Sessions are 30 mins start to finish. The bulk of the time is spent walking (20 mins). 5 mins at the start and end of the session has been built in for the time it takes to enter a client's home, greet the dog, get them leashed up and then a reverse process at the end of the walk. 

An initial 30 mins session must be scheduled to coordinate future sessions with the training coach. This session is to help the owner and coach coordinate how the coach will gain access to the house, where leashes and harnesses are kept, where the treats are kept and what area of the home the coach should leave the dog at the end of the walking session. Cost is $35 per session. Packages are available .

Email us to schedule: