Dog + Yoga class

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Class Details: This is a class for dogs who have completed in a Foundation Basic Manners class and ideally an Intermediate level class. The class focuses on helping our dogs be calm during group settings and during their human's exercise time. Class is led by Kish who in addition to being a Certified Dog Trainer is also a Certified Yoga instructor. Class is 50 mins. The first 10 mins of class we will help the dogs warm up their brains and bodies by doing focus exercises, some walking and then cool down exercises such as lie down and settle on mat. The remainder of class will be a combination of helping the dogs stay settled as the class moves through a yoga flow warm up, possible peak pose and then cool down/stretch. No previous yoga experience is needed, but doggie basic manners and a good level of control in a group setting in needed. If your dog has lots of unfocused energy or is aggressive to dogs or people this class is not a match for you (yet). Email Kish with questions.