My dog has a Jumping Problem…

Next session Thursday nights at 5:05pm Start April 14th, 2023

This is a 2 session class designed to help owners help their dogs keep 4 paws on the floor for greeting and other human/dog interactions. Dogs jump primarily to get attention and interactions from humans. Often we humans accidentally reinforce the jumping by interacting with a jumping dog, even if it is to tell the dog "No jumping!". This is a main reason why some dogs have a chronic jumping problem. This class is to help both humans and dogs practice behaviors that promote 4 paws on the floor and more "polite" greetings/interactions between dogs and humans. 
Even well accomplished dogs who have been through intermediate level dog classes can still have jumping issues. So this class is for dogs from 4 month to seniors (as long as they are UTD on vaccines for their age).  

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