My dog has a Jumping Problem…Leash walking too!

Next session Monday nights 7:00pm, 2023 New Session October 16th 2023 (spots available)

Class Details:

Cost: $78.00 ($40.00 deposit required)
Length: 3 - 1 hour lessons

This is a 3 session class designed to help owners help their dogs keep 4 paws on the floor for greeting and other human/dog interaction and work on leash walking. Dogs jump primarily to get attention and interactions from humans. Often we humans accidentally reinforce the jumping by interacting with a jumping dog, even if it is to tell the dog "No jumping!". This is a main reason why some dogs have a chronic jumping problem. This class is to help both humans and dogs practice behaviors that promote 4 paws on the floor, more "polite" greetings/interactions between dogs and humans and help make walks more enjoyable for both dog and human. 
Even well accomplished dogs who have been through intermediate level dog classes can still have jumping issues. So this class is for dogs from 4 month to seniors (as long as they are UTD on vaccines for their age). 

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