Tricks Class

This class is designed to help you get started training your dog to do tricks. Training tricks is fun, boosts your dogs confidence, builds your bond with your dog and is a great way to get started in dog sports. Through the AKC you and your dog can earn trick titles - its a great way to show off what your dog can do! In this class we will work on the foundation behaviors needed to train tricks and you can earn AKC titles through this class too! 

This class focuses on the beginning level tricks needed to obtain an AKC novice trick title. Dogs should be 6 months or older and do well in a group class setting in order to take this class. Teams have the option of testing for their AKC trick novice title!

Class consists of 3 sessions. Class meets once a week Tuesday at 6:15pm Class start date Nov 28th Total cost is $78. Enroll here: Tricks Class Enroll Here