Over-Reactive Rover

This class is designed to help owners who have dogs who are over reactive or unmanageable on leash when they see other dogs and/or people. Using science based, positive reinforcement training methods we help owners understand what triggers their dog's over reactions, how to help redirect and focus their dogs and we teach techniques to make walks less stressful and more enjoyable for both the humans and dogs. This is a six session class. We meet once a week. The first week is humans only, no dogs. Each human/dog team has their own safe training space in the class room. Each dog/human team work at their own pace so everyone is set up for success.  Many dogs benefit from taking this class more than once. **If your dog has bitten another dog or human please let us know prior to joining or registering for class**. 

Class cost is $120 for the 6 week session. First session is Human Only. Next Class session will be offered towards the end of September 2020. Email if you want to be alerted to the next class session.

Email: info@fmdowndog.com for questions about this class.

These pups and humans are working on calm, controlled exposure to other dogs. The goal is to let them beware of and look at the other dogs with curiosity, awareness and without going over their emotional threshold.