Rally Obedience- Intermediate/Advanced level class

This is a 4 week class that meets once a week - In this class we will work on AKC beginner/intermediate rally skills/courses. This is considered an advanced class and teams that take this class should already have been introduced to the basic obedience cues and be able to work around other dogs. Cost is $103 total for the class.

Email jen@fmdowndog.com with questions

Next session: Saturdays 2pm- March 9th-April 6th 2024

enroll here:Rally Class

What is Rally? AKC Rally® is all about teamwork. Unlimited communication from the handler to the dog is to be encouraged and not penalized. While touching isn’t allowed, you can use verbal commands, clap your hands, pat your legs and use hand signals to praise and encourage your dog.

Rally is a dog sport that teaches obedience while promoting teamwork between you & your dog. It consists of the dog & handler moving side by side through a course and stopping at signs to perform different exercises. This class is ideal for a team who was been through a basic obedience class and is familiar with the Rally Signs/tasks - whether you hope to compete one day or not!

Here is a video of Coach Jen, who teaches the Down Dog Rally Class, competing to win an "Excellence" title is AKC Rally.