Step up Pup

We have moved back to in person classes with reduced numbers of dogs/people per class.

This class bridges the gap between Puppy Start Right class and Foundation basic manners . This class is geared for pups 5 months to 12 months .
In this class we will continue to work on the skills that were introduced in Puppy Start Right - down, stay, mat work, polite greetings & loose leash walking. We will also give you & your pup a brief introduction to some of the AKC dog sports that are available for you to participate in. There will also be some free play for pups to keep up their play skills and to workout some puppy energy.
This is an open enrollment class so new students can start when ever there is a class vacancy. It is a four session class that will be held Wednesday nights at 7:30 pm OR Friday nights 5:00pm or 6:15pm. Cost is $75. Click on the link below to enroll and it will take you to the next open date to start class.

Click link to enroll for Wednesday 7:30pm Class: Step up Pup Class

Click link to enroll for Friday 5:00pm: Step up Pup Class

Step up pup