Workshops & Play Groups

This page will list opportunities for workshops and doggie play groups . Cost will vary per event. Look for specific details in each event posting.

VACCINES: all pups must be current on bordetella/kennel cough, distemper/parvo for their age and Rabies if age appropriate. Proof must be submitted to Down Dog prior to the puppy attending the play session.

Public Skills & Games Workshop Thursdays at 7:3pm. Start Jan 7th 2020. Once a week for 3 weeks.
These workshop sessions are fun ways to practice your pups basic manners skills in a group setting. The session is one hour and the focus is divided between walking skills and games to help practice and maintain basic manners skills such as sit/stay, walking near other dogs, attention to handler, calm behavior in a group, come when called and more. The specific game topics vary each session. Dogs must be current on kennel cough vaccine, distemper parvo vaccine and rabies vaccine. Dogs should have a solid level of basic manners and be comfortable in a group setting. Dog Age range: 7 months to Senior status.  Cost: $54 Link to enroll:

Puppy Play sessions Registration links below. 8 Spots only per session **These are suspended until further notice**

Small breed puppy playgroup

Medium to Large breed puppy playgroup

Small Dog/Shy dog of all age and size play group