**Starting August 2021 there will be a 10% price increase for all services**

Puppy Classes

Is that cute puppy chewing on your shoes, struggling with potty training? We can help!

Group Classes

Do you have a newly adopted dog or a long time companion that needs manners help or a training tune up?

Private Lessons

Is your dog too worked up for a group class environment? Do you want one on one training? Life is busy so let us train your dog.
Frustrated because your dog pulls on leash, your puppy bites your hands, your dog jumps on visitors? 
We have been there, we understand and we can help! kish-boys-santo-pittie-walk-2016
Down Dog Studio is a dog training service in the Fargo/Moorhead area. We turn dogs and puppies into well mannered companions. We offer group classes, private lessons and in-home dog training. Our training methods are based on behavioral science and are 100% dog friendly. We want dogs and owners to lead happy lives together. Don't let training challenges keep you from having fun with your dog. Let us help! Our common sense, simple, yet effective training solutions can help you lead a happier life with your dog.