Cooperative Care Workshops

This is a class/workshop where we will work on  skills to help make grooming and vet care more enjoyable for both you and your dog. Cooperative care skills include nail trimming, medicating your dog, chin rests, lying on mat/settle, Each workshop will have a different topic. The workshops will be about 50 minutes and each session will be $25 or you can purchase a virtual punch card for 4 sessions and receive an $8 savings. If you have questions or to purchase a punch card please email Jen at

Friday May 3rd at 5:10pm Class topic - training consent behaviors like chin rest, lie on side.Purpose these behaviors encourages your dog to remain still during exams or grooming and can allow for easier handling/procedures without having to hold dog in place.

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Friday May 10th at 5:10pm Topic: Paw Handling/Nail trims

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